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Tamara Hatton-Ward
Sydney, New South Wales

I offer a personalized 'boutique' style service - committed to helping you recruit your office & admin staff efficiently & effectively.

$195per hour
$2,103per project
9 reviews
Richard Taylor
Gold Coast, Queensland

If you want end to end or modular recruitment I can do this for you - Australia wide as technology is our friend!

$185per hour
$1,850per project
1 reviews
Lynne Brook
Gold Coast, Queensland

Extremely Experienced & Passionate Recruitment Expert, with over 30 years experience in end to end Recruitment projects.

Accounting / Finance Legal Admin / Office
$150per hour
$2,000per project
Jeff Daspit
Phoenix, Arizona

15 years technical, professional,and executive search. Advanced sourcer with 7+ yrs exp sourcing unique skillsets. Jeff @ 949.639.9658

$125per hour
$4,296per project
27 reviews
Gynn Kok
Singapore, Singapore

20+ years of experience in HR, In-house Talent Acquisition, RPO Operations, as well as 360 Head Hunting across APAC & EMEA region.

$100per hour
$10,000per project
1 reviews
Katy Andrews
Manchester, United Kingdom

I am down to earth, open and honest and I want to work with clients that are the same. We recruit to all industries.

£45per hour
£1,399per project
1 reviews
Michelle Bingham
Perth, Western Australia

Results driven executive search researcher with over 12 years of experience in legal, finance, accounting, mining, IT, Higher Education.

HR Legal
$150per hour
$2,000per project
Natalie Pettman
Adelaide, South Australia

With 13 years experience as a recruiter I have recruited roles in IT, Accounting, Property, Business Administration, Retail and Trades.

$100per hour
$6,500per project
Muhammad Farooq
Lahore, Pakistan

I am an Independant Recruiter. I have Candidates database network and work as a Remote Recruiter to hire Candidates for Global Employers.

$40per hour
$3,000per project
Sonam Saxena
Pune, India

I am a Candidate Sourcing and Recruitment Expert with 8+yrs of exp. Worked countries like USA, UK, UAE, India, Australia, Canada and many mo

$10per hour
$6per project
1 reviews
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