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Tammy Schulman

Tammy Schulman

Sydney, New South Wales

We understands both clients’ need for flexibility. We offer the best possible hire with recruitment, search or talent management services.

HR Sales Technology
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My Recruiting Experience

Strong understanding of the Software, Hardware, Cloud and Enterprise space. My skills including gaining a full understanding of the brief, the organisation, the corporate culture and the current skills and capabilities within the team. Through this understanding we can accurately search for the right potential candidate for the role.
Roles hired:
Sales Director Sales Manager Project Manager Business Development Manager
Infosys Portland EMC Symantec
10 years plus experience in the Human Resources and Recruitment Industries has provided me with a solid foundation in all areas from Recruiting, Induction, Training & Development, Retaining & Performance Management of employees. Focus across these roles has been on lifting the leadership capability of senior teams through effective coaching and the alignment of organisational and HR strategy and initiatives in order to achieve organisational goals and create a high performing culture. Leading the full suite of HR - strategy, operations, compliance, recruitment, organizational development, talent management, employee engagement, culture and values - managed through an expanding HR team.
Roles hired:
HR Managers HR Consultants HR Assistants
Infosys Portland Orica RailCorp
We understand the psychology behind high performing sales people. Incorrect hires has a long term impact on the entire organization, on the team along with large sums of money lost. The right hire on the first occasion is crucial for a successful outcome.
Roles hired:
Business Development Manager Sales Consultant Sales Manager Chief Information Officer Sales Director
Infosys Portland EMC Symantec

Where I work...

Sydney, New South Wales
New Zealand; Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane
Best Foot Forwards provide recruitment services in the Asia Pacific region. We have successfully filled roles in Australia, China and Singapore.

I've worked with Tammy on a huge number of recruits during our time with Portland Group.

Tammy is a well respected recruitment and HR professional, and her efficient approach to her work is respected at all levels.

Tammy is fantastic to deal with ensuring a long term rapport with many. Highly recommended!

Jessica Venamore HR Consultant, Transport Accident Commission (TAC), LinkedIn profile

I have had the pleasure of working with Tammy on a number of projects. She is great!!

Recruitment is more complicated than it looks - it contains many nuances and it's usually more about reading between the lines than what is obvious. Tammy has a natural ability to this - she just "gets it".

She is extremely bubbly and personable - this makes her a breeze to deal with. She is also highly capable, efficient and professional.

Tammy has a gift for reading people and for recruitment in general.

Anyone who works with her will never look back..

Darren Saul Director with over 15 years experience, Saul Recruitment - "Give yourself one less thing to worry about!", LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Human Resources Director 2004 - 2009
Principal Consultant 2009 - 2015
Delivery Manager 2002 - 2004
University of New South Wales 4

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