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Tammi Deville Merrell

Tammi Deville Merrell

Denver, Colorado

I specialize in working with small, fast-growing companies. I understand the unique dynamics and challenges of these businesses.

Admin / Office Support Customer Support Operations
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50 USD
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I have years of experience hiring admin positions, both for clients and as a manager myself in fast-growing companies. There are many distinct types of people who fill these roles and I'm skilled in matching the right type with the right hiring manager. Skills and experience are important, but cultural and personality fit are equally important. I ask the right questions to fully understand who would be the best fit for your team. We will discuss your management and communication styles, the culture of the office and more.
Roles hired:
Admin Assistant Executive Assistant Receptionist Paralegal Document Specialist
ESPN Radio Ambler & Keenan Law Firm Ferris Law Firm Done! Plumbing
Skills, experience and personality are all critical factors in hiring the right Customer Support staff. From typing speed and CRM familiarity, to phone etiquette and problem solving skills, we will discuss all of the facets of this position within your company to find the best fit. Phone interviews are a great first test for these candidates to demonstrate how well they will represent your company.
Roles hired:
Customer Service Rep Client Relations Assistant Receptionist Dispatcher
Done! Plumbing Pro Banners Genesis Roofing By Jeeves Wealth Legacy Institute
Operations roles include a wide range of positions and I can support you with any of them. Having worked in small manufacturing and retail operations myself, I can quickly understand the skills, experience and traits required within your business. In some cases, our biggest job is filtering through the large number of applicants and in some specialties our biggest job is writing the most compelling ad possible to attract a large enough pool of in-demand talent. I am skilled in both of these scenarios. My creative ad-writing has generated applicants where clients have previously been unable on their own. I enjoy the challenge!
Roles hired:
Quality Control Manager Designer Picker/Packer CNC Machinist Optometry Assistant
Alfred Manufacturing ShadeTree Greetings Body Statement Gym Boulder Creek Builders

Where I work...

Denver, Colorado
United States: California, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Arizona, Alaska, Louisiana, Virginia, Missouri, North Dakota
I have been referred to clients outside of my home state and have served them well. I've worked with clients in AZ, AK, LA, VA, MO, ND CO, PA, TX, CA and NY to date.
I do have some, honest!
Just haven't entered it here yet.
Positions held:
Owner, Hiring Specialist 2006 - 2013
Small Business Consultant 2005 - 2011
Director of Sales & Marketing 2004 - 2005
Business Manager 2001 - 2004
Director of Product Development 2000 - 2001
Mountain States Employers Council 1999

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