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Shelly Baker

Shelly Baker

Gold Coast, Queensland

I'm Shelly and my company Industryus HR offers recruitment process services as well as Human Resources

HR Customer Support Admin / Office
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My Recruiting Experience

I am the founder of Industryus HR, which specialises in providing Human Resources and Recruitment services to small - medium sized businesses. We offer affordable yet professional services. I have had extensive experience successfully recruiting for administrative roles in a range of different industries.
Roles hired:
Administration Officer/Clerk Receptionist Administrator Bookkeeper Documentation Clerk
RACQ Dogs Queensland Hannay Douglas
I am the founder of Industryus HR, which specialises in providing Human Resources and Recruitment process services to small to medium companies. We offer affordable yet professional services. My background is from the customer service industry, therefore I understand the importance of getting the right fit for customer facing/servicing roles.
Roles hired:
Customer Service Officer Help Desk Receptionist Retail Assistant Telesales Contact Centre inbound and outbound
RACQ Dogs Queensland Nexus Human Resources
As a former Human Resources executive, I have a strong and credible understanding of what skills and attributes are required to ensure a successful HR hire. Having worked in senior roles, I also thoroughly understand the depth or experience and professional attributes which are critical in higher pressure roles. I have strong experience hiring a variety of HR roles for a large corporate organisation, and later, for my own company.
Roles hired:
Executive level Human Resources Manager HR Manager Senior Business Partner HR HR Business Partner HR Coordinator HR Administrator
RACQ Nexus Human Resources

Where I work...

Gold Coast, Queensland
Australia: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Darwin, Adelaide, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour
We are like your internal recruiter, but external to your business. You will receive a professional recruitment process service with great customer service which will save you loads of time. We offer: - ad drafting and placement - shortlisting the applications - screening out unsuitable candidates by telephone - presenting a shortlist to you, for you to interview. We can also arrange interviews and/or interview candidates via Zoom if required, or at our Palm Beach offices. As we are HR specialists, we can also assist with drafting professional and compliant employment contracts, position descriptions and policies.

Shelly has great experience and expertise in all areas of HR. She recently helped us fill a specialist role, bringing in an exceptional candidate from New Zealand after conducting interviews with candidates from around the world.

Shelly ensured both the candidates and the hiring manager were kept informed of the recruitment process. In our case, Shelly helped us with the shortlisting, pre-screening phone interviews, pre-screening face to face interviews, hiring manager interviews, making the offer, and finally the employment contract.

Shelly has great professionalism and takes pride in her work, ensuring the process is as seamless as possible. I highly recommend Shelly's HR services to any organisation.

Adrien Yam Managing Director at Blue Lens Group, LinkedIn profile

Shelly has been helping us with our recruitment for the last 9 months. She has taken care of the whole process for us and found us 5 excellent employees. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for Staff.

Rob Harrison General Manager, Dogs Queensland, LinkedIn profile

Shelly at Nexus is experienced in sourcing, identifying and placing talent. I highly appreciate Shelly's know how and the care that she brings to finding best fit solutions.

Heidi Suominen Chief People Officer, RACQ, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Head of Human Resources Operations 2013 - 2016
Head of Industrial Relations 2012 - 2013
Human Resources Business Partner 2007 - 2011
Founder 2016 - current
Griffith University
Griffith University
Genysis and Wave products
Team Management Systems

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