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Santiago Aleman

Santiago Aleman

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I’m a professional recruiter specialising in finding digital talent for clients all over Latin America and the USA.

Marketing Sales Technology
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My Recruiting Experience

50% of the searches I manage are with the technology scene. We have experience looking for PHP Developers, Java, Java Script, Ruby among other languages. We are working for different industries such as e-commerce, gaming, digital agencies.
Roles hired:
CTO Back end Developer Java Script UI Ruby on Rails Developer PHP Developer
Globant Devspark Posto7 Synkt Games Bunny Inc. Good People Mercado Libre FnBox
I have worked on many marketing searches not only in the digital arena. I'm now managing a team with special focus on marketing projetcs. During my career I have had the opportunity to recruit marketing talent for multinational companies as well as startups.
Roles hired:
Marketing Online Senior Analyst Product Marketing Analyst SEM Senior Analyst E-Commerce Supervisor Head of Performance
Turner Broadcasting Neo@Ogilvy Grey Group Media Math IPG Media Brands Mercado Libre
I really enjoy looking for talent to fill sales positions. Throughout my career I have recruited from junior positions all the way up to Sales Managers.
Roles hired:
Regional Digital VP Digital Media Director Online Account Executive Online Junior Account Executive Sales Support
Grey Group Turner Broadcasting Mercado Libre Think Thanks Twitter

Where I work...

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Colombia; Mexico; Brazil; Chile; Uruguay; Peru; Argentina
We are located at Buenos Aires, Argentina. However we operate in all LATAM. We also have commercial offices at New York.

Anyone managing the shift to digital faces challenges across many different axes. At the core of these lies the enormous talent gap which exists across both developed and emerging markets. Finding the right talent in this world in transition is not only complex but also time consuming, even with the advent of a wide array of platforms, which make the process and candidates more transparent to the eye of decision makers. Santiago Aleman has made a world of difference in simplifying this process for Ogilvy and maximizing the ROI of time spent with key candidates. Their flexible business model, savvy in the use of these emerging platforms to source the right candidates, has proved incredibly productive and efficient for us as an organization. I started working with them 3 years ago and have not looked back.

Matías Alpert Chief Digital Officer, Neo@Ogilvy, 

Santiago Aleman understood the importance each resource has for us, they steeped themselves in the company’s culture and helped us determine the profiles we needed. Then they found those resources in an extremely efficient manner.

Ignacio Alvarez SVP of Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Logan Media, 

Four months ago and during a job search I was lucky to meet Santiago Alemán. I contacted him for a job that I saw in their web site. He called that same day and we arranged an interview for that week. During our meeting we talked about what kind of job I was looking for, and what my expectations were. I felt very comfortable during the interview and felt that he really wanted to find something that I really would enjoy. A couple of days after, he called with a job search in one of the most important companies in Argentina. He told me about the position I would occupy. Santiago helped me during all the interviews process giving me some advise and recomendations. I finally got the job and I am working here since December 2013. The job is all what Santiago told me during our interviews and I am very happy working here. Thank you Santiago for the opportunity.

Fernando Edo Paris Analista de Ecommerce Sr, Cablevisión - Fibertel, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Researcher & Headhunting 2010 - 2012
Columbia University in the City of New York 2015
Salvador University 2009

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