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Ramesh Rajan

Ramesh Rajan

Melbourne, Victoria

I connect talent to opportunities with minimum fuss. And I'm good at it! I bring high EQ into recruitment and always look long-term.

Operations HR
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My Recruiting Experience

I use my experience and educational background to hire for operations roles. Within this space, I specialise in retail, logistics, offshoring, ICT and banking.
Roles hired:
Operations Manager Operations Analyst Procurement Manager Six Sigma Lean Black Belt
Internal at VFS Global and RR Donnelley. ACE Insurance IBM FedEx Goldman Sachs
I have recruited for HR positions in over 20 countries across Europe, Africa, South Asia, East Asia and Oceania. I bring my HR business expertise and experience to fill critical-to-business roles.
Roles hired:
HR Generalist Recruitment Consultant HR Business Partner HR Technology Manager HR Project Manager Change Manager HR Analyst
Internal recruitments at VFS Global and RR Donnelley

Where I work...

Melbourne, Victoria
New Zealand; Australia
While I have hired for various positions in over 20 countries when I operated successful projects from Dubai (where I lived earlier), I now specialise in positions in Australia and New Zealand

Ramesh key strengths are patience, effective talk, friendly nature (yet dramatic results). The above are the traits which I would like to have and currently that draws a parallel between me and Ramesh. I wish him well in all his initiatives.

Venkat K MBB & Head - Quality, RELS, 

A dedicated people leader, Ramesh knwo how to run a large team with drive and compassion.

Stewart Whitman Advisor, Insight Venture Partner Advisors Network, LinkedIn profile

ramesh is a fantastic manager. he's on the ball, hands on and absolutely self driven! i have known ramesh for over 12+ years now and will trust him with my life!

best of luck ramesh!

arvind aathreya entrepreneur, firebrand labs, 

I have known Ramesh for a short time during his brief stint at JWT. He struck me as an enthusiastic and energetic person ready to make an impression in corporate life. he has a good command over English, looks smart and handles work with confidence and ease. He is one of the future leaders of corporate India.

Jayraj Rau Visiting Faculty, Great Lakes Institute of Management, LinkedIn profile

If there is a growth pattern I noticed in the organization that I saw for myself, there was one similar that I noticed for Ramesh. He's a flamboyant, jolly minded, shrewed and accurate professional that I have seen in my career. I saw him grow through the ranks and keep hearing tons of things around being talked of him (in the good sense). Believe it or not, for those down to earth lads like us to grow up an organizational ladder can be challenging, but a little bit of a wittle, and a tad healthier competition has taken him quite a way up in the ladder in a short time. I'm proud of being associated with a similar minded professional such as Ramesh. Awesome person to work with.

Anand Sundaram Principal Consultant, Special Projects, Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company, Inc., LinkedIn profile

Ramesh is an enthusiastic, hardworking individual who has among the best customer service skills of anyone I've met. He can anticipate customer situations and business situations and can plan in advance. He is responsive, determined and will not give up until a problem is solved or a goal is reached.

Ravi Srinivasan Business/Technology Outsourcing / Entrepreneur / Advisor, LinkedIn profile

Ramesh is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has developed several plans for our clients that have resulted in successful implementations. He is a hardworker and is willing to jump in anywhere he can. Ramesh is a real team player.

Kandy Chouinard, PMP Project Manager, PMP, RR Donnelley, LinkedIn profile

Ramesh is a very talented and intelligent person. His ability to grasp concepts, decision making, client management and analytical skills makes him a great asset to have in the organization and on the team.

Alka Vinod Vice President Operations, RR Donnelley, LinkedIn profile

Ramesh is a consumate manager with great analytical skills. He's an asset to any organization. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with him during his brief stay in Sri Lanka.

Rifdy Fahmy Director - Human Resources, RR Donnelley Global Outsource, LinkedIn profile

“A True Leader to the core.....Ramesh has the caliber to drive both people and process and get the best out of both. He is an excellent team player with a unique stance......he aspires in the growth for his team members along with the process and those involved......knows best how to deliver and manage. He has a charismatic personality with excellent communication skill whose approach is very diplomatic, portrays how a perfect manager should be.” Ramesh would be an asset to any organization and is a living Business School himself. It would be one’s honor and pleasure to be working with him… above all; he is an excellent human being..." I have the up most respect for him and would highly recommend him”

Deepesh Menon Operations Manager - Business Process Outsourcing, LinkedIn profile

Ramesh is a classic example of a person who does NOT Micro Manage. He is an extremely good listener which makes him an effective people manager. If you approach him with a problem, he gives you options, lets you decide the best option and "stands behind you 100 percent". His ability of forsee / forecast has always geared up his team to face the next challenge.
Ramesh, I wish you all the very best in all your endeavours

George Varughese Leadership Hiring, Quess Corp (formerly IKYA Human Capital Solutions Limited), LinkedIn profile

Ramesh is a highly self-motivated worker, a people-oriented manager and a high achiever. His enthusiasm is infectious and he can inspire his team to work that much harder to get results quickly. Never a dull moment with Ramesh around, because he truly translates work into fun. For those who value freedom at work, Ramesh is the perfect boss because he delegates substantial authority and brings out the best in people.

Mina Dilip Skill Trainer at MOP Vaishnav College for Women, LinkedIn profile

Ramesh is a role model. It was a stoke of luck to have had a chance to report to person so honest and straightforward. He is realistic when it comes to setting goals while never ceasing to push the bar higher. Any discussion with him regarding success or failure depended purely on facts and reality of which he had a clear grasp every minute. A perfect combination of being a people as well as a process person, Ramesh guided us on how to become better professionals and improved human beings overall.

Praful Akella Account Manager and Operations Lead - Global Services, RR Donnelley, LinkedIn profile

For a brief period, Ramesh and I were part of the same division but managing different teams and later, I moved into the Business Process Improvement role. During the period that I worked with him, I found him very strong in numbers and analysis. All his decisions were based on facts and his interpretation of the same.
He has his way with people too. He has been a wonderful mentor to many of his managers. He knew the right buttons to press at the right time and that has a loyal team following him.

Dilip Dhanasingh Bell Pins | | Standard Fireworks, LinkedIn profile

Ramesh and I have worked together for 5 years. During that time we worked on a Global Support Team of approximately 600 people. Ramesh managed the Operations Team in India while I managed the overall relationship with the client in the US. With Ramesh at the helm, I knew that SLAs would be met and client satisfaction would be ensured.

Ramesh is a leader/manager in every sense of the word. He is proactive and never backs down from a challenge. Operations are better when Ramesh is in charge.

Tanya Peters Director, Global Services, RR Donnelley, LinkedIn profile

Ramesh is one of the best Managers I have ever worked with. He is one Manager who calls is as it is. Staright forward, honest and funny as hell. His honesty is his best trait. He is one of the best motivators. He will make you see your worth and he will see your worth even if you are a diamond in the rough. I had the privelege of working with him for close to four years and it was always a pleasure and a challenge to work with Ramesh.. To sum it all up - A Great Manager and an even Better Human Being!

Clyde Netto IT Systems Engineer, ., LinkedIn profile

Ramesh is very detailed oriented and is thorough with his follow-up. He manages his teams very well and is an outstanding leader. Ramesh has displayed great flexibility when called upon to relocte to another country to build the operations in Manila.

Laurence Hayes General Manager at RR Donnelley, LinkedIn profile

It was a pleasure being associated with Ramesh in my capacity as their insurance provider. Ramesh's ability to integrate the supplier to the organisations goals and objectives is worth mentioning. He has been fair to the supplier and has always strived towards creating WIN - WIN scenarios for both the organisation and the supplier.

SAVITHA SHETTY Relationship Manager, founder team member, NEW AGE INSURANCE BROKERS, LinkedIn profile

I worked very closely with Ramesh on an almost daily basis for several years. Ramesh was responsible for the counterpart operation to mine. His operation was based in Chennai, India and mine in Lancaster, PA. Ramesh grew his department from roughly 20 people with limited experience into an organization of over 160 people that could perform tremendously well, all in a timespan of about 2 years. Together, we worked on organizing our respective departments based on principles of lean manufacturing employing standard processes and procedures. The result is that both of our departments improved tremendously as a result of the work we did together. Perhaps most impressive is that when Ramesh moved on to a different organization, the leadership team he developed has performed very well, and continues to exceed expectations and make further improvements.Ramesh is a proven leader who can organize large departments quickly, develop his management teams, and create positive customer experiences.

Frank Goldman Manager, Document Solutions, RR Donnelley, LinkedIn profile

Ramesh joined when the organization was at the inception stage. Understanding the need of an growing organization, Ramesh, single handedly drafted all the HR policies maintaining a balance between futuristic organizational requirement and employee satisfaction. Ramesh was actively involved in conducting the first batch of recruitment's across various countries to meet the contractual obligations of timely roll out of various visa service centres across number of countries, simultaneously also building his own team. In routine functioning employee's has shown confidence in Ramesh by sharing their concerns and being satisfied by the matured resolution given by him to the concerns raised.

Understanding of the subject and the contribution by Ramesh during the growing period helped the top management to take decisions in building a strong foundation of the organization. A person who does not hesitate in calling "spade a spade" always keep the organizational interest ahead of personal interest. It will always be a pleasure working with Ramesh, who is upright and team man to the core.

Jaideep Misra Consultant, Pinkerton, LinkedIn profile

I have worked with Ramesh on several projects and client visits recently. Ramesh is extremely diligent and cant seem to do enough for you. A highly enthusiactic individual with a can-do attitude to his work. Enjoys socialising and understands how to get the best out of his teams.

Kulvinder Reyatt Managing Director at Mitie, LinkedIn profile

Ramesh is a joy to work with, not only is he pleasant, personable and professional but his calming nature was a perfect compliment to our hectic daily schedules. He is always in for a good laugh. He is realistic, has a lot of knowledge to bring you pragmatic solutions.

An excellent people manager as he gets the best out of people within the team and has an ideal mix of good interpersonal skills and a good sense of the business issues that might occur within a company.

He played an integral role in the organizational growth and provided us with exceptional value and we especially appreciated his ability to independently wade through complex situations, he laid a strong foundation for the organisation and played an integral part in formalizing some very basic yet important policies and framework across global locations.

I wish him all success in his future endeavor.

Diju Divakaran Regional Human Resources Manager-ME, Europe & Levant at Glosanté (VFS TasHeel & Vasco Worldwide UAE), LinkedIn profile

Having interacted with Ramesh during many of our implementations and continuous improvement initiatives, he brought the next level of thought leadership that was required. Ramesh is very organized, very articulate and analytical in his approach. One of our key go-to managers during client crises. His ability to quickly understand the issues, come up with the right action plan, addressing the team and effectively implementing the action plan to produce key results is fantastic.

Kartic Srinivasan Executive Vice President at Ad2Pro Media Solutions Private Limited, LinkedIn profile

Enthusiasm at its best is what defines Ramesh . Completely involved in his assignment and always gives his 100%.

I have worked closely with Ramesh and find him a great team player.I appreciate his work ethics and how he manages the balance at every level of the organization is something one can learn.

He is an great Asset to the company and relationship with him is something that I will like to nurture and maintain

Mahesh Anchan Sr VP & Head MOI Business, VFS Global Services- UAE( Dubai), LinkedIn profile

Ramesh is one of the finest analytical managers I have ever worked with. His ability to think through and provide effective solutions for the mundane as well as the most ultra complex of issues is second to none. He possesses exceptional communication and people skills and is an astute business manager. With excellent tactical and strategic acumen, he is an asset for any organization. He is also a wonderful colleague and person. It is my privilege and pleasure to have him as a colleague.

Arun Prasad Varma Vice President - Operations, RR Donnelley, LinkedIn profile

Ramesh came to VFS Tasheel / VASCO Worldwide at a time when the company was expecting unprecedented growth in relatively short period of time. True to his professional aptitude, Ramesh proved to be an invaluable asset to our organization in founding the essential pillars of human resources.

Ramesh has a pleasantly no-nonsense and easy going personality, attitudes which are critical in the line of work he is in. One of his strongest suits is the ability to stand up to authority in the face of irrationality or at times when doing so is in the best interest of the company.

A man of great talents, and a vast pool of experience, Ramesh brings to table an experience unmatched in today's marketplace.

I highly recommend him to companies that value the importance of building the function of HR as an institution within their organizations.

Suhail Shaikh Serial Intra-preneur, experienced in taking businesses from 0-1 and beyond. Marketing and communications expert., LinkedIn profile

I have worked with Ramesh for over 4 years and seen him perform exceptionally well both in tactical and strategic roles. He is a proven leader and goes about his assignments with careful planning and execution. He has always inspired his team to achieve more and is a thorough professional. He is incredibly astute and has a flair for numbers. Ramesh never let his resources derail their focus and successfully encouraged them to deliver the best possible project/product always. One of his traits that I have come to appreciate over the years is his ability to get the job done while continuing to challenge the consensus when necessary.

Sudhir Sripad Director - Client Services, Operations, RR Donnelley, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Senior Consultant 2012 - 2014
Consultant 2011 - 2012
Consultant and Project Leader 2003 - 2011
Executive 2002 - 2003
Lead Practice Consultant 2015 - current
BCS 2015
Cornell University 2011
Productivity Inc. 2007
IIMM 2002
University of Madras 2000
KPMG 2017

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