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Peter Boston

Peter Boston

Melbourne, Victoria

Peter has over 22 years of Technical, Engineering and Project Manager / supervisor Headhunting Experience for Major EPCM projects

Operations HR
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My Recruiting Experience

Technical people provide turnkey services to other business's, we provide management, sourcing strategies and business stream analysis on a fixed price model. Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development for numerous industries.Consulting & Recruitment Solutions
Roles hired:
Engineers all disciplines
Jacobs Aker Solutions Petronas Shell Exon Mobil Chevron
I have worked alongside HR professionals for over 22 years and I can quickly assess who is good and who needs more training - this is invaluable to ensure that you get the best person for the position not just a process follower.
Roles hired:
HR Director HR Area manager Senior HR administrator HR administrator Talent Acquisition Advisors
Aker Solutions Jacobs Santos BHP Billiton

Where I work...

Melbourne, Victoria
Canada: Nova Scotia; United Kingdom; Singapore; United Arab Emirates: Dubai; Papua New Guinea; United States; New Zealand; China; Russia; Norway; Malaysia; Sweden; Australia; Kazakhstan; Denmark
I have recruited for the following countries:- UK, USA, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Kazakstan, Malaysia, China and Australia.

Peter is an exceptional Recruitment Manager with a simple and uncomplicated approach to the industry.He has an exceptional track record and pedigree in recruitment and of the times i have worked with him, he has been effective, efficient, clear and easy to deal with.

Always smiling, Peter has an astute commercial awareness and an sense of urgency when it comes to delivering client service.

Andrew Stone

I worked with Peter while I was on assignment in the UK and responsible for AK Advantage. When I first met Peter he was managing a small group in Newcastle and I recognised leadership potential. I offered him the opportunity to run the Australia operation and he accepted. Peter demonstrated the ability to take on the leadership role, supervise others, and run the business with a great deal of customer satisfaction. He did an excellent and adjusted well to his new role.

Gordon Hagendorf, SPHR

While I was employed by Aker Solutions (Aker Advantage, Inc.), I worked with Peter on a number of ventures including preparation and submittal of complex bids and proposals, work sharing opportunities across country boarders and several internal global company reorganizations. I also used Peter as a source for ideas and solutions, counting on the knowledge he had gained from his long experience in the staffing industry. First, Peter was always gracious about giving his time and effort. Second, he knew the business values our clients could gain from our services and was able to convey to them appropriate and profitable structures and processes. Peter managed his business with integrity. I always trusted his judgment and appreciated his candor especially when we didn’t see things the same.

Richard Quinn

To whom it may concern:

I think extremely highly of Peter Boston and therefore it is my great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation on his behalf.

I have known Peter for 24 years and I first worked with him on the EARP project at Davy McKee from 1985 - 1986. He was an then a young engineering draftsman and I was the project controls engineer on the project. Peter was one the brightest and enthusiastic people I knew at that time and he always was keen to learn and develop his professional career. He constantly expressed an interest in working in the recruitment agencies business.

Later in my career I had the good fortune to work with Peter again as he had progressed his career into the recruitment business. Having just returned from the Middle East I was looking for work as a contract project controls engineer. Peter was very effective if finding me the right position and we worked together again for another 8 years. during this time he was always honest, trustworthy, hardworking and dedicated to getting the best candidates for the right clients.

He is intelligence, curiosity about people and ideas, and has plenty of common sense that he has applied to solving many problems Aker Advantage/Solutions. In addition, he has demonstrated excellent powers of observation, and an ability to communicate and suggest change in effective but non-threatening ways.

Peter is both self-confident and self-deprecating, and has a great sense of humor that has helped him form strong relationships with subordinates, peers, and members of Akers management team. Managers in other departments frequently seek his advice, and his name is always at the top of the list when choosing team members to lead important Aker initiatives. It was a great pleasure to see him being promoted to his current position when I was at Aker.

Peter is very likeable and ambitious person. I have no doubt that he will continue his successful senior level manager career


Connell Kerr MSc MBA MPM

Connell Kerr MSc MBA MPM

Peter was my first boss in recruitment and I learned an awful lot from him. He has great entrepreneurial skills and is a good leader. He managed a very successful start up business in Newcastle and was able to develop it into a mature business. He combines good technical knowledge with a natural style and is trusted by clients, candidates and colleagues alike.

Stuart Gilboy

I worked with Peter for over 10 years at Aker Advantage. In that time, I saw first hand Peter's professionalism and versatility as he handled several roles through a number of transition periods in the company, ultimately relocating from the UK to Austalia to become the Operations Director, where he has run one of the most profitable groups in the company for a number of years.

Billy Stein
Positions held:
Partner 2014 - current
Director of Operations 1999 - 2014
Newcastle University 4

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