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Pam Sullivan

Pam Sullivan

Los Angeles, California

Senior Technical Recruiter backed by a degree in Business with a concentration in MIS. If it is tech related, I can recruit for it.

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My Recruiting Experience

Technical Recruiter with 20 years of experience backed by a degree in Business with a concentration in MIS. Love the intersection of technology and business, and can sell your company if I believe in your business model. If it is tech related, I can recruit for it.
Roles hired:
Digital Producers Web Developers Designers Product/Program/Project Managers Software Engineers Big Data Engineers Data Scientists CIO Director Manager Network Engineers DevOps QA SDET Ruby on Rails LAMP Systems Admins-windows and Linux Java Front End UI/UX Architect Solution Architect if its tech related I have recruited for it
Symantec Western Asset Management Guthy-Renker SCPR Level3 Union Bank Take2 2KGames LRN Kia Motors Capital Group Nexon eBay Farmers and many more through the years

Where I work...

Los Angeles, California
United States: Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area
California based tech recruiter with a deep Rolodex of contacts and more than 50K candidates in my internal ATS.

I've worked with Pam on several occasions, both as a hiring manager and as a candidate. Pam is honest and reliable and unlike many recruiters out there, she understands technology. She has a knack for understanding the inner goings on within a company and presents candidates that are a good fit from both a technical and fit/culture perspective. Overall, Pam is a pleasure to work with.

Richard Hastings Consultant, Database Operations, Tradescape, LinkedIn profile

Pam is not one of those recruiters that sends the hiring manager a ton of resumes. Pam works hard at understanding what the needs of the hiring manager really are and then works diligently to fill the requirements with the best candidates. Pam has become a trusted resource for me when it comes to quality candidates. Pam and I have worked together for about 10 years and at multiple companies. You can trust Pam to get the work done!

Stephen Johnson, MBA Chief Administrative Officer, Paramount Equity, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Managing Partner 2004 - current
California State University, Bakersfield 1990

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