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Nadia Gil

Nadia Gil

Madrid, Spain

Senior Recruiter specializing in Finance & Tech recruiting up to C-Level roles. Extensive international track record with blue-chip firms.

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80 EUR
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4 reviews
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1 projects €4,607 average cost
Having studied Finance at MIT and worked as an Analyst at Goldman Sachs, I am comfortable navigating the world of investment and technology professionals and have a genuine appreciation for what the "best in breed" looks like. I have recruited for some of the top financial and tech / telecom firms in the industry for roles that span all levels of seniority.
Roles hired:
Portfolio Manager Senior Software Developer IT Project Manager Finance Director Business Analyst Recruitment Manager
AIM Software Ericsson Havas Digital Goldman Sachs Allianz Investments TransferTo
4 projects €7,231 average cost
I have worked with established Telecom and Technology companies as well as start-ups looking for talent in emerging technologies.
Roles hired:
Senior Software Developer Technical Support Engineer IT Operations Manager IT Project Manager Scrum Master Technology Evangelist
AIM Software Ericsson Havas Digital
2 projects €830 average cost
Roles hired:
PR & Communications Director
2 projects €2,189 average cost
Roles hired:
Head of User Acquisition & Growth Market Analyst Global Head of Distribution Financial Intermediary Sales B2B Software Sales
Aviva Investors Natixis Global Asset Management GetPure

Where I work...

Madrid, Spain
United Kingdom: London; Germany: Frankfurt; United States: New York, San Francisco, Chicago
After working in New York City for 10 years I moved to Spain and have worked as a remote recruiter for 5+ years. I work with clients in the US and across Europe.

Nadia is extremely organized and responsive. She was quick to point out the strong and weak areas of the candidates, and rated them thoughtfully. Would highly recommend her!

Jurgen Leijdekker AIM, 

Nadia brings a positive attitude and strong work ethic to all recruiting projects. She is valued by clients and candidates alike and is always a pleasure to work with. She is incredibly smart, professional, and works both quickly and efficiently. She has a deep knowledge of the financial industry but has also recruited for technology roles and beyond. I would welcome the chance to work together again!

Allison Worthington Principal, The Prince Houston Group, LinkedIn profile

Nadia was a pleasure to work with. She was efficient, positive, thorough and very knowledgeable. I look forward to working with her again.

Tory Hyndman Partner, David Barrett Partners, LinkedIn profile

I have known Nadia for over six years. We worked together while at PrinceGoldsmith, LLC and have maintained a close relationship since she left the firm. Nadia is one of the most thoughtful, kind and smart individuals I have come across. She takes the time to formulate informed opinions on clients and candidates, and really gets to know her target audience. Nadia is the type of person who always tackles every project with a fresh and creative approach, and is open to new ideas. She is a great listener and communicator, and puts everyone at ease. Her professionalism and natural intelligence shine through in every interaction.

From a personal perspective, Nadia has a wonderful sense of humor and is not easily rattled. Her calm demeanor makes her wonderful with candidates, clients and also with fellow co-workers. I could not think of a better person to work with than Nadia and recommend her 100%.

Melissa Crandall Principal, The Prince Houston Group, LinkedIn profile
Sector Location Salary range Total cost
Sales Madrid, Spain €60,000 - 100,000 3,037 34 hours
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1999

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