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Mike Ovadia

Mike Ovadia

San Francisco, California

I have 7 years of Technical Recruiting experience. Some have called me the "Tech Whisperer" because of my ability to find talent.

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My Recruiting Experience

Top producing professional Recruiter with over 7 years experience Recruiting Software Engineers, Database Developers, QA, BA’s , Mobile Engineers, and other and IT Professionals. Strong ability to get the best talent for the job. Qualified in sourcing, screening, scheduling and closing qualified candidates for contract and full-time positions.
Roles hired:
Software Engineer QA Web Developer Technical Writer Salesforce Administrator Salesforce Developer Java Developer .Net Developer
WellsFargo Sephora Blue Shield Moody's Analytics

Where I work...

San Francisco, California
United States: Los Angeles, Utah, Seattle
I have the recruiting abilities to find talent in the US.

Mike is a down to earth "go getter". Any time I contacted him he would respond quickly, and always knew how to connect the right people with the right resource. I highly recommend Mike as a recruiter and know that he will positively impact any team he will be part of.

Jozef Woroniecki Software Developer/ UI / UXD, Identify3D, LinkedIn profile

Mike is a very passionate technology recruiter on many levels - he is enthusiastic about technology. He takes initiative to learn about the up and coming technologies to keep up with the rapid changing environments and does his diligence to stay ahead of the of what is hot in the market. In addition, he truly cares about his candidates. He understands this hyper-competitive market - he gets how essential it is to make sure candidates are comfortable working with him and he genuinely has there best interest in mind. He is a great resource to candidates by offering suggestions on how to stay competitive and helps them strategize on how to land the right match for them.

In addition, Mike is lightening quick at identifying hard to find talent. He is resourceful and creative, and he loves to win. He has a gift for recruiting.

Susan Zaragoza AVP - Lead Technical Recruiter, Robert Half Technology, LinkedIn profile

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Mike Ovadia, (Division Director of Recruiting at Robert Half) closely and through my experience it is very apparent that Mike is a true professional whomever he interacts with and an advocate to ever-evolving recruitment profession. He is a true leader and team player with an abundance of industry knowledge and a keen willingness to share his knowledge with those he works with. Mike is very open-minded and his approachable style invigorates the team he works with. Mike continuously shares innovative ideas through his passionate and energetic attitude. It is a great pleasure to be working with him.

Yogesh Chandani Recruiting Manager, InfoObjects Inc., LinkedIn profile

I had the pleasure of working along side with Mike on our Recruiting team. He has amazing work ethic and was one of hardest worker on our team! He always has a positive attitude and goes the extra mile to get the job done. I highly recommend Mike to any hiring manager.

Aaron MacFarland Account Executive, LinkedIn profile

Mike has the natural gifts to find technical talent the right job fast! He was responsible for more than 75% of my success in the last three years. I highly recommend him if you want to build your technical team in the least amount of time with the best people.

Maureen Burchert Strategic Accounts Director at Robert Half Technology, LinkedIn profile

Mike Ovadia is one of the best recruiters that I have had the pleasure of working with in my career at Robert Half. He is intelligent, driven and willing to challenge the "convential norms".
He pushes his team and his colleagues so that they can place themselves in a positions to understand the client's exact needs and exceed them with the candidates that he brings to the table.
He is a hard worker, pays attention to all of the details and works to have all of the answers before the questions are even asked.
Equipped with the technological savvy and the understanding of the ever evolving technology landscape, Mike can relate to the candidates that he engages and develops relationships that go beyond the 9 to 5. He is a consummate professional and a diligent recruiter.

Jason R. Ballard Senior Account Executive at Robert Half Technology, LinkedIn profile

Was working with Mike quite for a long time. Real pleasure and easy to work with. He made our hiring process simple and well orginized.

Igor Salamatin Director-Senior Software Architect, Moody's Analytics, LinkedIn profile

I worked with Mike closely for 3 years and he's without a doubt the best technical recruiter I've worked with. He was a very large part of my success at the company we worked at together, and was consistently one of the top performers globally for our company.

Mike has a very large network of talent, and an uncanny instinct to know what a client's looking for, even if they don't.

Mark Daugherty Connecting Exceptional Engineers to Direct Hire Opportunities in SF and the North Bay 415-434-4940, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Sr. Technical Recruiter 2010 - 2015
California State University Chico 2003

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