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Lauren Hodgson

Lauren Hodgson

Phoenix, Arizona

Employment Branding + Hiring for Culture Fit + Recruitment strategy. Fanatical about people and companies doing their best work!

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My Recruiting Experience

For the past 3 years, I led the hiring for a fast-growing startup, growing the company from 250-650 employees. With hiring for tech roles and culture fit at the helm, we focused a lot on building a magnetic attraction that drew the right candidates in (we called it the Talent Tractor Beam ;). I help teams get super clear on their needs and build two pieces that help them get the right person. 1) Employment branding strategy that gets more of the right people in the pipeline 2) Recruitment strategy that ensures they hire the right person
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Where I work...

Phoenix, Arizona
California (US), Austin (US), Denver (US), Los Angeles (US)
Formally, I led hiring for a fast-growing SaaS company, leading a team that hired over 350 in a year. Now, I help small teams and companies with their recruitment strategy & talent branding strategy. I live in Phoenix and am available to help teams wherever they are located.

Lauren Tassiello has been an invaluable asset to my company's cultural health! Over the years she has assisted me on several projects with exceptional results and I go to her regularly on pressing company issues and for creative advice. Lauren recently helped me find an amazing team member in a very short period of time. In the past it was difficult and frustrating to find people that fit my company culture, mostly because I did not know where to even begin looking, how to articulate what I am looking for or had the patience to sot through hundreds of random resumes! Lauren listened to my frustrations and helped me pinpoint exactly what I wanted. Through our conversations she was able to develop a recruitment strategy and tailor a highly specific job posting.
Also, she gave me direction on where to start and was with me through the whole process; taking feedback and adjusting effortlessly! One week later I found the perfect candidate and hired them on the spot. I was so happy with the amount of time and frustration Lauren saved me and actually made me feel excited throughout the whole process!

Nina Manchev Owner at Epicurean Atelier, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Sr. Manager, Talent Tractor Beam 2012 - 2015
Arizona State University 2009

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