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Jeanne Bybee

Jeanne Bybee

Dallas, Texas

Do you need help filling Technology, Sales or Marketing roles? I have helped GE, IBM, BMC, Accenture and Deloitte make their hires!

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I have experience recruiting Enterprise Software professionals as well as Account Managers and Sales Managers from other industries.
Roles hired:
Enterprise sales pre-sales customer success account managers
IBM GE Deloitte BMC
Over 20 years of recruiting in technology
Roles hired:
cybersecurity IT security specialists ERP front end developers backend developers DBA's etc
IBM Verizon Deloitte BMC Software GE
I have recruited for corporate positions such as Finance and Accounting off and on throughout my career
Roles hired:
Accountant Financial Analyst
Deloitte Accenture IBM GE etc
My experience in marketing has been mainly in Product Marketing
Roles hired:
Product Marketing
GE BMC Software and Verizon

Where I work...

Dallas, Texas
Switzerland; Germany; United States: San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Irvine, Houston, Dallas, New York, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Atlanta, Raleigh, Durham, Tampa, Miami, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, New Jersey, Maine, San Antonio, Washington, Philadelphia, San Diego, Minneapolis, Austin, Columbus, Indianapolis; Canada; United Kingdom; Australia; South Africa; Brazil
Senior Recruiter with over 20 years of experience and have worked both as an agency and corporate recruiter for companies such as GE, IBM, BMC, Deloitte and Accenture to name a few. Can assist with Technology (including cyber security), Sales, Marketing, have worked on pretty much everything at one point in time.

Working with Jeanne was easy. She collaborates, she thinks outside the box, she is a team player, and she has an AMAZING network! She knows everyone and by chance on a rare occasion she doesn't, she finds out how she can! It was a benefit to me to have worked with her, because I learned a great deal about recruiting having her on our team!

Jeanne has been a top flight recruiter for over 25 years. She has worked for some of the best global consulting firms and International companies in the world. Her technical knowledge, as well as her expert consultative skills, have made her an extremely valuable asset in an our ever changing global environment. Jeanne is a consummate professional and always works closely with her hiring managers to deliver to their resource plans, year in and year out. She is a recruiter that will get the job done!

Jeanne is extremely well connected in the Sales, Tech and Cybersecurity Ecosystem. She is the most knowledgeable resource and consultant I've had the privilege to work with. Jeanne is a driver and gets things done the right way, with the right people, with a no nonsense approach. Jeanne is the best at what she does, and only looks to provide the highest level of service! I highly recommended Jeanne and I'd work with her anytime and anywhere.

Positions held:
Independent Recruiter 1998 - current

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