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Jamilah Lawry

Jamilah Lawry

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Technology and Busines expert working with hiring managers to identify the specific need of the a new candidate saving time and money.

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With extensive experience as an executive administrative assistant, I can recruit candidates with real proven knowledge and experience. I can explain the job description clear and concise so that the match is perfect.
Roles hired:
Receptionist Administrative Assistant Secretary telemarketers helpdesk technical Book keepers
Comcast Deer Park RCN Attorneys Realtors PMHC GM
With over 15 years in the field of customer service I have a keen eye for a excellent customer service employee. I understand that the customer is who brings business therefore the person dealing with the customer should have a clear understanding and strong desire to deliver excellent customer service during every encounter
Roles hired:
Customer support Helpdesk Coordinator Telemarketer Brand Ambassador personal trainer
TAG GTSA Arise Comcast Claires Pizza Hut
As an entertainment consultant I've applied over 10 years experience providing Creative and energetic event operations and marketing, working in fast pace environments where professional organizational skills are required to handle staff, customers, contractors, budgeting and financial aspects of special projects. I am able to quickly identify someone with that drive and creativity someone who can think outside the box is needed to be successful in the Marketing arena.
Roles hired:
Marketing assistant Social Media Strategist Web Designer Radio Personality Host Emcee Brand Ambassador Sales recruiter
Nicetown CDC Islamic Day Festival Artist United Peace on the Streets Mayor Office event Philly Live In Da Streets Radio My Biz Consulting
I have over 5 years experience training agents to sell back-end software services, which compliments in-house CRM and ERP systems, to companies with 500 or more employees in the Philadelphia and surrounding area.
Roles hired:
Software sales Software installation Proof of concept technicians
Get Response VCita Bitrix 24 Blogtalk
I specialize in understanding the need of the hiring manager by asking questions as well as sharing my IT knowledge to help identify the right candidate. I am knowledgeable of technology, technical roles and technical skills. I do precise sourcing when searching for a candidate. I screen, Ascertaining the competence of the candidate against a technical job description. I have the means to interview candidates in person, telephone or video conference to assess their qualifications. I follow an on target follow up module with daily or weekly updates in process. I provide hiring managers with options of candidates when available. I provide Technology knowledge, Confidence, maturity, Inquisitive
Roles hired:
Helpdesk Programmers software sales Project managers DBA's System Administrators Web Designers
General Motors PMHC MBC Comcast Surecast

Where I work...

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States: Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
I have extensive experience doing telephone and skype interviews follow up and relationship building remotely. Recruiting via Skype or by telephone. I have the technology available to complete the task.

I have known Jamilah Lawry for over 3 years now.

I can attest to her professional versatility and eagerness to foster her own personal and professional growth and development. I am never surprised about the many projects or skill sets that she has within her repertoire. She is constantly acquiring new skills that make her a humble yet resourceful person.

One of the many aspects that I appreciate about working with Jamilah professionally is her ability to assess issues and potential issues on the entire spectrum. I also appreciate her ability to collaborate effectively in groups or with team projects. It is her effective initiative, and approachable demeanor that helps bring people and resources together toward goals.

Obadiah Mshindi

Nina Capone has been a buddy of mine over the last 3 years. Her dedication and drive to be in the elite realm is vey impressive. Strong alliance ties and very reputable.

Kelvin Chappell

Jamilah is a very welcoming, thorough, personable, supportive and detail-oriented staff member of the Philadelphia Mental Health Center. This was especially so when it came to helping me transition into my position as a Mobile Therapist. I knew Jamiliah to be the go-to person if I had any concerns about cases, paperwork or when it came time to schedule meetings with the site manager. Jamilah demonstrates the ability to handle a diverse variety of tasks and people at once while maintaining composure and professionalism.

I would genuinely recommend Jamilah and wish her the best in future jobs, endeavors and experiences.

John Litzke, Jr.

Ms. Lawry is a knowledgable and dedicated professional that never fails to deliver great results. Her passion and keen acumen for the technology industry are always displayed through her work; and her strong work ethic and professionalism are a rare find in today's age. I strongly recommend Ms. Lawry as a dependable professional.

God-is Rivera

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jamilah Lawry. For the past 10 years, I have worked periodically with Jamilah. During that time, she and I worked on various projects and we worked together closely.

Jamilah approaches problems from different angles and often comes up with creative solutions. She possesses remarkable business acumen and a good feeling for what is necessary to achieve the best results under time constraints.
She is never afraid to question a typical solution when she sees potential for a quicker, cheaper and more practical approach.
She thinks outside the box and has an open mind for uncommon solutions.

Jamilah would be an asset to any employer and I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about her.


Fred Hickson
Managing Director
New York Staff Exchange, LLC
40 Wall Street (Trump Building)
28th Floor
New York, NY 10005
T (855) 50-STAFF (78233) Ext. 100
M (646) 453-9361

private private
Positions held:
Owner 2010 - current

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