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Eric Borden

Eric Borden

York, Pennsylvania

I am an Executive Recruiter with a specialty of placing candidates within the Biotech, IT and sales/marketing fields. At all levels.

Marketing Sales
Hourly rate
110 USD
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My Recruiting Experience

A bulk of my Recruiting experience has been in the Sales area. I have placed many sales representatives, account managers and managers across the US. I have many connections of Sales professionals in various industries that can make a quick impact
Roles hired:
Sales Account Manager Sales Representative Sales Manager Director of Sales
Caliper Life Science Cell Signaling Technologies Cisbio
In Addition to Sales, I have Recruited for various Marketing positions. I have placed candidates across the US and can provide an abundant source of marketing candidates. I have many connections in this area looking for stellar companies.
Roles hired:
Digital Marketing Product Managers Director of Marketing
Cisbio Caliper Life Sciences Perkin Elmer

Where I work...

York, Pennsylvania
United States: Baltimore, South Carolina, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago
I have been Recruiting across the US. for over 5 years. I am able to place candidates within any geographic location.

I have worked with Eric on three recruiting projects. He has demonstrated an in depth knowledge of the Pharmaceutical / Medical Device / Healthcare fields. He is very well rounded in experience dealing with all three verticals as well as the skills in those verticals. He is always is looking to for ways to improve his knowledge of the customers situation so he can improve his solutions for them. He is a strong recruiter with deep resources.
I highly recommend.

Danny Powell Search / Recruiting Consultant at RecruitLoop, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Managing Director 9 - current
Executive Recruiter 5 - 8
York College of Pennsylvania 1986

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