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Chrissa Dockendorf

Chrissa Dockendorf

Eugene, Oregon

Sr Recruiter 12yrs exp hiring SW & Security Engineers, Product Marketing Managers, HR/Finance, Supply Chain Leaders, Executives & more.

HR Marketing Technology
Hourly rate
125 USD
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My Recruiting Experience

Have hired a wide range of software engineers including those with high-level security clearances for government contractors. I also hire security engineers starting my career hiring C&A and now A&A experienced engineers as well as information security, IDS/IPS, and Network Security.
Roles hired:
Information Security Officers/Engineers Security Engineer IdAM Engineer Network security specialist
Honeywell G2 ICS
I look for areas of improvement and pull together plans of action to implement changes including training of relevant parties and evaluating how to roll out changes with the least amount of negative impact as possible. I have implemented employee engagement activities, worked with employees on conflict resolution, created standard operating procedures and done contract negotiations.
Roles hired:
HR Coordinators HR Managers Benefits Operations
Honeywell Integrated Communications Solutions
Have hired product marketing managers that serve as a liaison between the product team and the customer. Most have a technical background that has translated into marketing and have done soup to nuts/cradle to grave product marketing.
Roles hired:
Product Marketing Managers Product Development Directors

Where I work...

Eugene, Oregon
United States: Seattle, Charlotte, New Jersey, San Jose, Atlanta, Phoenix, Houston
Remote full lifecycle recruiting over the past 5 years supporting Fortune 100 and small companies.
I do have some, honest!
Just haven't entered it here yet.
Positions held:
Recruiter/Owner 2013 - current
Resource Manager 2016 - current
Talent Advisor 2013 - 2016
Talent Acquisition Manager 2005 - 2013
Arizona State University 2012

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