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Beverly Avril

Beverly Avril

Atlanta, Georgia

Recruiting is my passion and what I do best. Experience my determination to identify, engage and place top talent within your workforce.

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Marketing lends itself to understanding the needs of the customer and providing that need. Since customer satisfaction and key in this industry, identifying Marketing professionals with passion and purpose; from the research stage to distribution is ideal. I know what it takes to fill these roles so with your permission, I am ready to get started.
Roles hired:
Marketing Director Site Merchandising Analyst
GNC Wayfair
Sales are the most important function of any thriving business. It is a gift and either you have it or you don't. Sure, most products are designed to sell themselves, however, having the personable, knowledgeable, engaging sales person only solidifies the deal. Whether B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, I am able to identify, engage and recruit your next sales representative prepared to close more deals.
Roles hired:
Sales Manager SAAS Account Representative Account Executive
Comcast Lowe's Verizon Connect
Administrative and Office professionals are the frontline of any business. These individuals work directly with customers to ensure a pleasant experience while maintaining office duties and responsibilities. Multi-tasking is a must with attention to detail. The right candidate will be a gem to your organization by fulfilling various obligations. Allow me to fill this role so your company will experience the pleasure of a capable Administrative professional.
Roles hired:
Front-Desk Receptionist Bilingual Receptionist Assistant Practice Manager
CMC Lowe's
Frontline Customer Support professionals are the gatekeepers responsible for diffusing issues before escalating to the busy decision maker. This is a gift and I can discern those individuals. Allow me to locate the ideal Customer Support candidate who will represent your company with firm boundaries while maintaining that professional, friendly demeanor.
Roles hired:
Customer Service Manager Telemarketer Front Desk Receptionist Patient Counselor Assistant Practice Manager
CMC Lowe's Comcast

Where I work...

Atlanta, Georgia
United States: Michigan, Nashville, San Leandro, Modesto, Atlanta, Raleigh, Pineville, Washington, San Francisco, Denver, New York
As a professional Recruitment Consultant, I offer contract partnerships and independent services for full-desk and high-volume projects. My career choice and personality pair well together as I am a detail-oriented and self-directed professional. Over the years, I have had the privilege of mentoring individuals, helping them find their calling and transform their dreams into reality. Within the new professional venture, I am striving to broaden my reach while partnering with companies to build relationships, engage top talent, and improve their workforce. Recruiting for companies like yours is a professional passion of mine, and I love every minute of it.

I have known Beverly for about 10 years. She has always been focused, detailed oriented and quite personable. Her work ethic - she sets short term goals daily which she frequently meets.

Beverly communicates well with others. She has the mastered the ability to capture her audience when she speaks and she has mastered the ability to listen. Listening well and being keenly observant are two skills one should have when interacting with people.

In a term that identifies Beverly is this - she has an excellent spirit - and in my opinion, she does all things well.

Ida Mitchell CEO, Mitchell & Associates Unltd Inc. / Founder & Pastor of New Covenant Faith Ministries Inc., LinkedIn profile

I have had the pleasure of working with Beverly for the past year. She is a proactive colleague and gets the job done. Working with her is always a pleasure.

Tanikka Smith Business & Career Development, LinkedIn profile

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this reference from a professional perspective. Beverly is a professional who look for opportunities to help others maximize their potential. I specifically coach Beverly on recruiting strategies along with her Brand. Beverly is very resourceful and finds innovated ways and technical skills to help others.

Throughout our coaching sessions, Beverly has be focus and determined to secure her brand and maximize her skills in helping others.

Should you need additional comments, please feel free to reach out to me.

Tonia Morris
Owner-Simply HR & More

Tonia Morris Managing Principal at Simply HR & More, LinkedIn profile

I had the pleasure of meeting Beverly over a year ago during an info session regarding recruiting. From onset I could see her passion regarding her craft and through observance I have been able to see her unmitigated work ethic. She has been a personal undying resource and will add immediate value to any organization lucky enough to acquire her skill set. She is a born go-getter and a proven hunter.

George D. Sylvester II MBA,MSHRM,CPM Behavioral Interview Analyst, Delta Air Lines, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant 2014 - current
Recruiter 2015 - current
Enforcement Agent 2009 - 2010
Medical Revenue Cycle 2010 - 2012
Business Development 2012 - 2014
Recruitment Consultant 2017 - current
Columbia Southern University 2012

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