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Ashley Seybold

Ashley Seybold

New York, New York

Recruiting fairy godmother, job whisperer, and process guru. I love what I do!

Accounting / Finance Admin / Office Support Marketing
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My experience with managing marketing searches has been in the nonprofit and startup sectors. I was quite successful recruiting for these at organization at various stages of growth.
Roles hired:
Director of Marketing Director of Communications Communications Manager Vice President of External Affairs Public Relations Associate and various internships
Jumpstart for Young Children Boston Debate League KaBOOM! The Opportunity Network Eye to Eye
Previous experience recruiting for finance professionals at a Fortune 500 company, several nonprofits and have personally managed the finances for a fast-growing e-commerce women's clothing company.
Roles hired:
Grant writers Accountants Chief Administrating Officer Chief Financial Officers
Fidelity Investments Jumpstart for Young Children Reading Partners
Managed all admin recruiting for Fidelity Investments for about a year. Additionally, I have recruited for administrative support staff at Jumpstart for Young Children; hiring support staff for 7 regional offices nationwide.
Roles hired:
Office Manager Secretary Special Projects Associate
Fidelity Investments Jumpstart for Young Children

Where I work...

New York, New York
United States: Boston, New York, Washington, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco
I have been recruiting for organizations across the United States for 4 years, focusing on: development, c-suite executives, program development, administrative support and finance role. All of these have been for different organizations with different needs and different cultures.

As a business partner, I realized just how impressive this was given the scope and magnitude of her responsibilities: over 10 schools covered, 100s of candidates interviewed, and 10-15 offers out at a time, plus the additional hiring of experienced candidates that she did. She has great project management skills and excellent influencing capabilities. Everyone - partners and candidates - felt they were in good hands. One last thing I would point out- Ashley has great judgment. On several occasions she pointed out potential behavioral or personality issues with candidates, the team opted to give then the benefit of the doubt, and we regretted it. She just reads people extremely well, an invaluable trait in her career.

Katie O'Boyle Vice President, Fidelity Investments, LinkedIn profile

I had a unique opportunity to witness Ashley's recruiting value both as a candidate, and as a business partner for whom she did recruiting. Her handling of my recruitment into Fidelity was a factor in my decision to accept the position. She struck a great balance of proactively demonstrating interest without being invasive, conveying personality and warmth while remaining professional, and getting me access to the employees and information I wanted without making me feel like a nuisance. She truly served as an ambassador of the firm.

Kate O'Boyle Vice President, Fidelity Investments, LinkedIn profile

I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley Seybold when she hired me for a position with Jumpstart. She was an outstanding recruiter with a knack for connecting quickly with people. She managed the interview process with frequent and clear communication, made herself available for questions, and just generally put me at ease throughout the entire process. In addition, Ashley has a natural propensity for differentiating how various candidates could contribute to an organization's overall success. She works closely with hiring managers to understands their talent needs and ensures the people hired will help achieve departmental objectives.

Kelly Melcher Manager, Alumni Relations, Jumpstart for Young Children, 

Ashley embodies the ideal recruiter. She instantly made me feel comfortable and prepared for the interview process. She communicates in a timely and very professional manner, representing the needs of the company as well as making sure you know what lies ahead in the recruitment process. One of the reasons why I was so excited to interview with Fidelity Consulting Group, and then to join upon receiving an offer, was because of Ashley. She made my transition to the group seamless - from paperwork, to first day orientation, and then setting me up in the office. She goes way beyond the traditional recruiter role, making you feel like she is working for both the firm and for you to make sure the whole process is welcoming and smooth.

Keelin Mone Business Manager, Macy's, 
Positions held:
Chief of Staff 2013 - 2014
Search Consultant 2012 - 2013
Associate Director of Human Resources 2010 - 2012
Recruiter 2005 - 2010
Southern New Hampshire University 2003

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