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Anthony Rene Rosas

Anthony Rene Rosas

Orange, California

I'm an American born talent recruitment advisor, living and working in the US and China. Specialization in Design Talent Acquisition.

Marketing Technology
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My Recruiting Experience

Placed hard to fill roles within: E-Commerce, Mobile Computing and Consumer Product Sectors.
Roles hired:
Executive Director Color Material Finish. Sr. Director User Experience Senior Industrial Designer Sr Visual Designer Sr Interaction Designer Sr Design Researcher
Alibaba Lenovo GE Healthcare Kohler Nokia
I have sound experience sourcing marketing and sales roles for global consultancies
Roles hired:
Asia Regional Business Development Director. Director of Client Engagement Product Manager. Product Marketing - Digital Home / User Experience
Radius BMW Designworks Philips Design Taobao

Where I work...

Orange, California
Hong Kong; Singapore; Germany: Munich, Berlin; United States: San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County; China
I recruit and source for roles in US, Asia and Western Europe.

"I have worked together with Anthony for design talent recruitment, Anthony had provided professional consultancy by recommending good candidates in a short time, making insight interview comments, further clarifying position request and talent mapping."

Tracy Fan Market Analyst, TCL Communication, LinkedIn profile

"I worked with Anthony while building up the Kohler Design Studio in Shanghai. Recruiting was a major challenge for us, but it was also critical since Kohler does not rely on design consultants. Anthony was the best support I could have hoped for: he understood our specific needs, had the patience to work with our company unique recruiting process, and found the top candidates that allowed us to establish a world-class design team in China. He is a very valuable partner for anyone in need of great design talents in Asia."

Jean-Jacques L'Henaf Design Studio Director, Asia, Kohler, LinkedIn profile

"Strong insights to portfolio and good understanding to the design industry, Anthony contributes strategic thinking beyond fulfilling a job description."

Vanessa Director, Strategic Partnering, BMW Group Designworks USA, Chang, LinkedIn profile

"I have interests in shaping user experience for Chinese market. After finished designing Windows 8 work at Microsoft, I had the chance to work with Anthony in Beijing to look for my next project. I enjoyed working with him because Anthony did a great job on making the communication channel clear and open, highly responsive and reliable. These characteristics are particularly important when working across the Pacific. With a lengthy process, I finally landed in Hangzhou and started my next career in eCommerce with a great company. I even got to meet with Philip and Shen who had also been working behind the scene[s] from PAE. In general, I had a terrific experience working with Anthony to get to where I am now. Thanks!"

Emil Tso Senior Director, Design, Taobao / Alibaba Group, LinkedIn profile

"I recommend Anthony to anyone who's looking for the perfect job in China. After 8 years in China, I never met a head-hunter who takes time to understand your expectations and past experience the way Anthony did. Thanks again for the great job."

Mickael Ravion Senior Industrial Designer, Nokia, LinkedIn profile

"Anthony is a great person with great human skills, he puts a lot of efforts on understanding designers specifics personalities and ambitions to orient them with the corresponding position and company. He's present and available during the whole recruitment process, giving insights and advices for the designer to succeed in getting the job, he's always helping that everything goes smoothly. I highly recommend designers who wish to give their career an international dimension and work in China to uses Anthony's services."

Sébastien Maleville Senior Industrial Designer, TCL Multimedia, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
Founder, GM 2013 - 2015
Senior Consultant, Design 2010 - 2013
Design Manager 2008 - 2010
Studio Manager 2007 - 2008
Collins School of Design 1989

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