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Anna Vargo

Anna Vargo

Dublin, Ohio

With a powerful network that has nationwide reach, I work with top clients and candidates focusing in Healthcare.

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My Recruiting Experience

2 projects $1,225 average cost
Vargo Medical Recruiting is a national search firm working only with those candidates who already have a successful track record in the medical, pharmaceutical or biotech industry. We have over 15 years in the industry and have built many loyal relationships over the years. We are totally committed to the successful completion of the search with integrity, efficiency and professionalism. Vargo Medical Recruiting enjoys a reputation for providing outstanding value to clients; enduring relationships are the hallmark of our success.
Roles hired:
We have experience in all hospital markets Pediatrics Critical Care Neonatology Infectious Disease Respiratory Pulmonology Immunology Neurology Oncology Cardiology Nephrology and more. We recruit both mid-to-upper level candidates filling positions in management sales marketing and product development. Integrity respect and confidentiality are the hallmarks of our efforts on behalf of our clients and candidates
Our clients range in size from the Fortune 500 companies to the exciting small start ups

Where I work...

Dublin, Ohio
United States
Remote recruiting for over 15 years, nationally.

Anna, how do you find all these people? Let's fly him out to Indy ASAP. He is an expert in HH Pharma (I learned a lot on the call). He could really hit the ground running.

Bob CEO, 

One of your biggest advantages as a "small house" is your personalized approach. You "personally recruit and screen every candidate" presented. I hope other Managers realize the importance you place on finding the right candidate for the right position.

Sam Western Regional Manager, 

Anna, would you mind helping me find a candidate in Omaha - Sure enjoy working with you.

Kent T. Director of Sales, 

You've always sent me great candidates, you know the criteria... looking for your expertise for this next go around.

Mike Regional Manager, 

It appears that you have found a great deal of good talent in a difficult market. Nice Job.

Ed K. Director of Sales, 

You are an angel among the heavens! Thanks, ~Rick P., Hospital Rep – Northwest Indiana

Rick P

I bet you are one of the most successful recruiters ever! You seem to be working all of the time and have such great leads. I do know a lot of people since I've been in sales for a long time, and you are right, networking is really the best way for anyone to find a job. I've actually helped a lot of my friends find jobs, which is so fulfilling to me. One of the hardest things is to find out about opportunities, and to find a good recruiter to work with, so I'm really glad that you contacted me! Thanks again!

Lourie Biotech Specialist, 

You truly went the extra mile for me. Thank You. I will be one of the few you can proudly say that YOU recruited. Thanks again.

Ray B Medical Sales, 
Positions held:
President 2002 - 2014
Indiana University 1988

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