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Free Recruiting Tools.

Become a hiring hero with our free workflow platform. From branded application pages, job distribution, pipeline management and client feedback, RecruitLoop helps you manage every part of a recruiting engagement.

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Learn from other professionals in our expert Q&A platform, private forums, and webinars for professional development. We’re here to make you a rockstar recruiter.

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Get found online and promote your portfolio of work with a custom profile and URL, SEO optimization, and verified references from your clients and candidates. Apply to join our verified marketplace to receive new client briefs through RecruitLoop.

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Take a few minutes to build your online portfolio of work. It’s like your personal online storefront.

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Get instant access to free recruiting tools, to use for your own client engagements.

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As an optional step, apply to join our Verified Marketplace to receive client briefs through RecruitLoop.
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“As an independent recruiter, growing my business is difficult. RecruitLoop gives me all the tools and resources I need to focus purely on keeping my clients happy.”
Seral Sofi, Dubai

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Free Accounts

Free and unlimited access to the RecruitLoop Platform and community forums.

  • Custom profile and URL
  • Branded Campaign Pages
  • Candidate pipeline management
  • Simple client feedback
  • Community Q&A forums
  • Invoicing and online payments (soon!)
  • Job board posting (soon!)
  • Candidate sourcing database (soon!)
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Verified Accounts

Apply to receive new client briefs through the RecruitLoop Marketplace.

  • Unlimited Platform access, plus...
  • Qualified client leads
  • Personalized professional development
  • Marketing and BD support
  • Dedicated project success team
  • Dedicated RecruitMentor
  • Recorded video interviews
  • Exclusive content and forums
By Application Only.
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Common Questions

General Questions

What is RecruitLoop?
RecruitLoop is building a safe, sustainable platform for companies and great recruiters to work together. We connect clients with a marketplace of verified independent recruiters who help with any part of the hiring process. For Talent Professionals, we provide a platform of tools and resources to help grow your business and be better at your job. Think of us as your recruitment businesses back-office solution and sales and marketing machine.
What exactly does RecruitLoop help me with?
We help independent recruiters and sourcers with a ton of stuff, but to keep it simple there are 3 big ones: a platform of recruiting tools to manage your client projects from end-to-end; our tight-knit community to connect and learn from your peers; and marketing & business development to help you build your business. Click on the links to dig deeper!
What is the process for joining RecruitLoop?
A simple one. Quickly create an account by providing us with the basics (name, email, location, etc.) and you’ll be able to instantly use our platform. Note: you will have to complete your profile page to use 100% of the tools on our platform, and to apply to be verified to get client leads.
Do I have to be in a specific country to join?
No, just a good citizen of Earth. Our community includes Talent Professionals in over 40 countries – from the USA to UAE, and Australia to Argentina.
Will it conflict with my existing business?
No. RecruitLoop offers free tools and resources for recruiters. But there is no ongoing commitment or requirements; everyone from agencies, to one-man shops, to freelance recruiters utilize our platform. If you’re worried, you might want to check with your employer first.
How does RecruitLoop make money?
Our business model is connecting clients with Verified Recruiters to help them hire – usually on an hourly basis. For recruiters, we make money when you do. When a client engages a Verified Recruiter on our platform, we take a percentage from the recruiter’s hourly rate, based on a tiered commission structure (starting at 35-40% for the first few projects and reducing over time).

RecruitLoop Platform

How does the RecruitLoop Platform help me do recruiting?
Our platform helps you manage recruiting projects from end to end. It starts with marketing the role and sourcing candidates; managing your pipeline; sharing online shortlists with your clients; and getting paid. See all features here.
Is this like an ATS or candidate database?
Kinda. Think of it as a project-specific ATS. We think ATS is a bit of a dirty word, and are focused on serving the very specific workflow and needs of external recruiters and sourcers (which we know are different to internal companies).
What do you mean by Community?
Recruiting can be a lonely sport. A lonely blood-sport at times. We’ve been there! We also know the value from connecting and sharing with peers in a non-competitive way. Our community connects you with Talent Professionals from all over the world, to share content, webinars, professional development tips and simple questions. Learn more here.

Verified Marketplace

How can I access new client briefs?
Apply to become a Verified Recruiter, the top-tier recruitment professionals in our community. Unfortunately we can't accept all applications. But you can do a few things to help: Having a full and detailed profile will assist in getting more client leads since our algorithm takes into account your previous roles filled, past clients you’ve worked with, among other factors based on your RecruitLoop public profile.
What are the requirements to become 'Verified'?
We look for Talent Professionals with a verified history of client performance, and willingness to serve clients in a new way (generally on an hourly basis). You must have a 100% completed profile, with 4 references, a professional picture, among a few other profile requirements. You’ll also go through a quick series of emails introducing you to our platform and our process.

Join thousands of recruiters, sourcers and executive professionals expanding their business with RecruitLoop.

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