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RecruitLoop's disruptive innovation is a no-brainer. Zach Olson Founder/CEO, Tax Alli Filled Inside Sales & Customer Success Roles: $2,600

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Zach Olson
What was your recruitment plan pre-RecruitLoop?

There wasn't much of a plan; we mostly utilized the SmartRecruiter platform and the usual suspects like Craigslist, Linked-in and local listings. Recruiting has always been a love-hate relationship, especially as a scaling company. Finding the right team members is so crucial to solid growth, but it is so hard to devote the needed time and attention to it.

Zach Olson
What did RecruitLoop do for you, and how did that change your company's life?

RecruitLoop was able to source candidates for both our inside sales team and customer support team. Within a couple of days we had the first interviews, and within a month we had all positions filled while being able to pick from a pool of well-qualified candidates. Now there is no longer an opportunity cost associated with our recruitment efforts. Being able to utilize RecruitLoop has given us the luxury of re-investing the time searching for talent back into crucial aspects of the business.

Zach Olson
What would you say to someone considering using RecruitLoop?

RecruitLoop has brought a much needed disruptive innovation to the recruitment industry - it is a no brainer.

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