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What We Do

We started RecruitLoop after years of frustration with traditional recruitment. RecruitLoop connects employers of all sizes with a network of expert recruiters and sourcers to help with any part of your hiring process.

We combine technology, data and human expertise to provide world class hiring support at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment.

  • 4,500+
    projects completed
  • 5,000+
    expert recruiters
  • 9.2/10
    avg. project rating
  • 1,500+
    happy clients

How We Help You Hire

  • Sourcingas a Service

    Perfect for talent acquisition teams

    We deliver a curated list of passive candidate profiles based on your specific role and requirements.

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  • RecruitersOn-Demand

    Perfect for startups, SMBs and growing companies

    We match you with an experienced recruiter who can help with any part of your hiring process.

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  • Talent TeamsOn-Demand

    Perfect for big hiring projects, geographic expansion, and flexible support for internal recruiting teams.

    Combines our global network of 5,000+ expert recruiters, with world-class candidate research, technology and account management.

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Bring Sanity To your Hiring Process,
Without Insane Fees

We give you expert support in any part of your hiring process — as much or little as you need.

    • Job descriptions

      What are the objectives and key results? How will you measure them? Who will the person report to?

    • Market mapping

      What is the market for similar roles? Who else is hiring them? Where is your ideal candidate currently working?

    • Competitive intelligence

      What are your competitors paying? Which specific companies and individuals can you target?

    • Passive candidate sourcing

      Who are the best people in market for your current role? What are their contact details? Learn about RecruitLoop Sourcing.

    • Candidate outreach

      How can you contact and engage the best passive candidates to consider your opportunity?

    • Job advertisements

      How should you advertise role to attract only qualified jobseekers? Where should you post it?

    • Initial qualification

      How will you process all the applications? How will you respond to everyone who applies?

    • Screening interviews

      How can you efficiently screen all qualified candidates to identify the most suitable for the role?

    • Behavioural profiling

      Will you look for specific behaviours and competencies for someone to succeed in the role?

    • Deep interviews

      How will you deeply understand and assess the prior performance and behavior of your top applicants?

    • Skills testing

      How can you verify their skills, experience and capabilities?

    • Reference checking

      What do their previous employers have to say about them?

We’ve saved over $80,000 in agency fees in the 7 months we’ve been working with RecruitLoop!
John Gareau, VP, Digital at Eargo

Flexible Access To Amazing Recruiters

All of our Recruiters ('Loopers') are rigorously reviewed based on their experience, background, and expertise. Their profiles display metrics and client feedback. You can find matching Loopers for any hiring need, anywhere in the world.

  • Anne Downing
    Anne Downing
    81 projects via RecruitLoop
  • Paul Convery
    Paul Convery
    15 years international experience
    Executive SearchSalesTechnology
  • Andre Davis
    Andre Davis
    Qualified attorney turned recruiter
  • Transparent, Affordable Pricing

    Compare proposals and reviews to find the best match, then choose from hourly or fixed ­price engagements to save thousands compared to traditional recruitment.

  • Easy Online

    Manage your hiring engagement with complete transparency. You can view candidate profiles, milestones, messages, and control budget – every step of the way.