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Talent Lead

Talent Lead

Los Angeles, California

I produce candidates when "seasoned" recruiters can't - HOW? Not magic; it's strategy & skill. I live in the deep web and white space!

Healthcare HR
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My Recruiting Experience

Ambitious talent scout and stewardess delivering medical and scientific brilliance to the discovery lab and beyond. Savvy use of online tools i.e. Add-ons/Extensions, Social Media, and specialty blogs fosters continuous flow of passive talent. Keen at grasping and articulating complex subjects like cancer cell metabolism and bovine genomics, to engage in meaningful dialogue with industry experts. Positive, “whatever it takes” attitude and self-motivated drive for excellence garners credibility, successful placements, and happy clients.
Roles hired:
Medical Director Drug Safety & Risk Management: + alzheimer's therapy + multiple sclerosis Senior Director Clinical Pharmacology - hematology/oncology Senior Director Medical Communications & Publications Global Director Beef Programs Global Marketing Director Dairy & Beef Associate Director Value Based Medicine Pharmacovigilance Agreements & Alliance Manager Director of Corporate Pharmacies Specialty & Home Infusion therapy Director Materials Science & Engineering Lab Global Strategic Account Management Bovine genetics
Biogen Eli Lilly Gilead Genus PIC ABS Global Agios Genentech Infinity
Almost 10 years' experience in the nonprofit sector, most recently coordinating home care and financial services for low-income seniors. In my current role I target industry and academic doctors and scientist for drug development, regulatory affairs, large research and/or clinical trials and across all therapeutic areas.
Roles hired:
Program Coordinator (Community Based Adult Services Program Coordinator (Holocaust Survivors) Senior Project Manager and Research Lead (Life science industries) Executive Recruiter (Life science industries)
Biogen Pfizer Amgen Infinity Alnylam Akebia Genentech Gilead Eli Lilly etc

Where I work...

Los Angeles, California
Japan; United States: Los Angeles, Boston, Cambridge, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Ann Arbor, Princeton, New York, Los Angeles, Madison, San Diego, Orange County, Irvine, Anaheim, Beverly Hills; Switzerland: Basel, Zug; South America
As long as there's internet, I'll be working =)

Heather reached out to me about a job out of state, which I originally said no to. But Heather challenged me to find out why I would decline a potentially great opportunity just because I would have to relocate. She facilitated a phone screen with the hiring manager, and while the original posting was offered to another candidate while I was in the vetting process, Heather tried to identify other positions within the company that I may be suited for. While the original opportunity did not work out, my interaction with Heather was very positive.

Sandra Bausback-Aballo Director, Global Clinical Safety, Acelity, LinkedIn profile
Positions held:
recruiter 2 - 2

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